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Tour guide Essay

  • Submitted by: boogiinoo
  • on April 30, 2009
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Tourism has been one of the big businesses in most countries. People travel to see pristine nature, ancient buildings, or unique life – pretty much everything that they cannot find in the place they live. Tourism is not only a name for bringing foreign people and showing what the country has, but also it is about satisfying them with everything they want. So what do the tour companies need to satisfy their guests? Besides having all the fundamentals for a successful business, a tour company will need skilled guides whose role is presenting the company, and furthermore, the country. A guide is the person that first greets the tourists and last says goodbye. How the tourists perceive the country and its culture largely depend on the tour guide, because they spend almost all the time with the guide and see his/her actions. It is even said that the guide is an unofficial ambassador of the country. Who is this ambassador, what are his/her roles, and what makes him a good guide?
First of all, a guide is a translator. When the tourists decide to travel with a guide, they usually do not know the language of the country. Therefore, the guide becomes the communicator and bridge between the tourists and the local people. It is required for the guides to be fluent in at least one language. As the tourism industry develops, tourists from more various countries are coming to Mongolia every year. The more the countries vary, the more the different languages are needed. English has always been the most needed one. German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese are becoming more in demand, because the number of tourists coming from these countries is increasing recently. Many translators and students who are translators-to-be work as guides during their vacation or free time.
Also, the guide is a source of information. Tourists expect from the guide to provide accurate and actual information about the culture, history, and country. Some guides treat their tourists as they do not...

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