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“Touch Sparks Love”: an interpretation using tools of interpersonal communication (perception and non verbal communication) The essay “Touch Sparks Love” was written by a mother about her daughter Debbie and the struggles they endured in trying to understand each other, and Debbie’s journey of self discovery and development of a positive self concept. In analyzing the essay, I was able to make fact based judgments after reading the mothers words, as well as inferences based on my own opinions of what was written. I was able to determine aspects and elements of perception and its influences on ones reality as well as the strength of non verbal communication and how much it factors in on ones daily life. Perception is a part of how well or even how little we actually understand one another. It has been proven that what we actually completely understand about others in so limited that it has a huge effect on perception and interpersonal communication. When one feels that they are not understood by those around them, when they are unable to effectively express their thoughts, ideas, feelings, their own point of view, it may leave them feeling extremely isolated and frustrated, as I believe the case was in the essay. Debbie developed a way to shut others out when she felt especially lonely, misunderstood, and rejected, which was what her mother dubbed “the Look”. What factors have influence over ones perception? Our book discusses several aspects of these factors, including physiological and psychological. From my reading I was able to infer that the mother’s perception of Debbie giving the Look was often influenced by physiological means, her fatigue being evident through her word choice with phrases such as “It was suppertime, I had been late getting home from work, and I was edgy” and “our hands were full. The more-urgent-appearing problems received our
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