Touch Screens and Non-Touch Screen Cel Phones

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Touch Screens and Non-Touch Screen Cell Phones Technology in the United States is changing every day when it comes to comes to cell phones. Just the fact of even having a portable phone is pretty incredible itself. The cellular world has changed so much from when they first introduced it to the economy. When I see movies such as “Back to The Future” and see what the first cell phones looked like, it makes me chuckle really. Back then only the wealthy class could afford these types of phones for their vehicles. Now days almost everyone can afford one because they have made phones that you can buy a card with certain minutes; price ranging from ten to a hundred bucks! Years ago it was no where in the works that a touch screen phone could be made but now, touch screen phones such as the LG Voyager, the Venus and, the LG Dare are all in high demand for today’s economy. Some people may argue that touch screens are a waste of money and can easily be destroyed while others can’t stop raving about it and call it their new best friend! People have mixed feelings for this new burst of technology but one thing for sure is if it’s not the adults that are getting this, it’s their kids! The similarities between these phones are pretty self explanatory. First off both types of phones are a way of communication that is popular in today’s society. Your just not part of the “cool” crowd if you don’t have one! While going back to reality, it really can be a lifesaver in certain situations. Another similarity is that they can be made into different forms. An example could be a flip cover phone or a slide up phone. It’s more common to find cell phones that can slide up to reveal the key pad than flip cover phones now but, they are still around. Although there is mainly just one reason why they are similar, there is a whole lot to why they are very different. The differences

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