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The role of women in the 21st century continues to get longer and longer. Though women still have the matronly responsibilty to micromange their families at home, they are embarking on a journey that is bringing them deep into the workplace and high up the corporate ladder. As womens roles continue to grow and become more extensive they are expected to look the part. In that they are expected to looked groomed and professional. But that is not always the easiest thing to do when one is working a full time job and being a full time mom. Spending hours shopping and getting their hair done may not be a luxury a lot of working moms have. Touch of Beauty is a new hair salon makes the most of that time women have to spend at the salon efficient and fast. Catered toward working business mothers, my hair salon will offer a comfortable setting for these woman who have a busy lifestyle. Equipped with a day center, these women can now bring their kids with them and have the leisure of leavign them in a location that will help keep the children occupied for the few hours their moms have to spend getting their hair done. The daycare is located in a seperate connected room to the salon main space and the children are supervised at all times. (The children also can get haircuts while they wait for their mother in their very own child friendly booth by a licensed beautician.) The services the salon offer also extend to women who aren’t able to come in because they just gave birth for instance through an in-home service. What will make my salon different from the other hair salons is that I will be providing organic makeup and also the different hairstyle offered will be tried by the models. Women who come in for hair extensions will be given the best hair. Touch of Beauty will be made to help the women who cannot leave their homes for whatever reason. Touch of Beauty will

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