Touch Football Training Sessions Essay

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Day | Type | Session | Monday | Resistance TrainingAnaerobic System | 100m Hill Sprints 6 reps.Work-Rest ratio of 1:5-7 | Tuesday | Interval TrainingLactate System | 400m x 4-5 reps. 75s time at 85-95% of MHR work-rest ratio of 1:2 | Wednesday | | Rest day | Thursday | Fartlek- Speed PlayAnaerobic and Aerobic Training | Jog (70-85% of MHR) for 60s, sprint (95-100% of MHR) for 30s, jog for 30s, sprint for 60s. continue for 7-8 min | Friday | Continuous TrainingAerobic System | 25 minute run at 70-85% of MHR work-rest ratio of 1:1Skills Training | Saturday | Muscular EnduranceFlexibility Training | Low set x high reps. at 40% of 1 rep max. e.g.: (4 x 12-20 at 40kgs)Stretching Muscles 5-10s 3-4 reps.Skills Training | Sunday | | Rest day | Week One: Sessions Justification of Program: Touch Football is a very fast game, requiring all three Energy Systems. In a game of touch the energy system contribution for a middle player is approximately 60% anaerobic and 40% aerobic with 40% being Lactic and 20% being ATP-PCr. Speed and Agility are essential parts of this game. An average player will complete 15-20m sprints 20-30 times every game. Additionally 5-10m sprints are repeated up to 100 times by a single player as well as 3-5km moving at various speeds. Each of these facts were considered when designing the above training program. The program also integrates the training principles of Specificity, peaking, hard/easy cycle, variety, frequency and recovery. The training session on the Monday across the three weeks consists of hill sprints. This training exercise focuses on the ATP-PCr system. The ATP-PCr system is necessary to achieve the short distance sprints that are spaced throughout a touch game. The large amount of repetitions completed within the session are completed to reflect a very main characteristic of touch. The work-rest ratio of 1:5-7

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