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TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1) Go to and download the case. 2) Form a group of 2 to 4 people. If you submit the case alone or with more than 4 other people, I will discount 25% of your case grade. 3) Write a report (min 2 pages-max 4 pages, including all analysis/tables/graphs). The report should have professional format (Example: typed - Times New Roman Font 12, 1.5 spaced). The names of group members should be on the top of the first page. Please do not add any title page. If your report does not follow any these guidelines, I will discount 25% of your case grade. 4) Your report should be submitted at the beginning of the class on Dec 3, by one of the group members. If you choose to email the report or submit late, I will discount 75 % of your case grade. 5) This case is worth 2 quizzes. In other words, it will count as 2 quizzes towards your final grade. 6) In your report, please address the following issues: A) Assuming Tottenham Hotspur, plc. continues in their current stadium following their current player strategy. a. Perform a DCF analysis using the cash flow projections given in the case. Based on this DCF analysis, what is the value of Tottenham Hotspur, plc.? b. Perform a multiples analysis (refer to assigned reading). Based on the multiples analysis, is the value of Tottenham any different? c. At its current stock price of £13.80, is Tottenham fairly valued? B) Using a DCF approach, evaluate each of the following decisions: a) Build the new stadium b) Sign a new striker c) Build the new stadium and sign a new striker Important Notes: (1) In your valuation, note that the past 10 years of Premiership revenue and point total data suggest that for every 1% increase in a team’s point total, a team could anticipate a 1.52% improvement in revenues. (2) As we

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