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Huffman Trucking Paper Michael Wasef POS/355 2/20/2012 Instructor: John Buono This paper is to describe and analyze the diagrams of Huffman Trucking Company locations in the United States. Huffman Trucking Company has four locations in the United States; California Location, Missouri Location, New Jersey Location and Ohio Location. Each location has its own operating system and network plans. Bellow, we will discuss each diagram for each of the four locations. California Location: This location is located in Los Angeles, CA. This location network is divided into two places; the Office place and the Plant place. The Office place network is operating with Windows 3.X and 9.X. The network has no routers, switches or hubs. That means the office location do not have a strong connection between the office computers and exchange data and files is not an easy job. Also I notice that the office has no firewall, which means in not secured against any computer attacks. The only e-mail portal for the company is AOL Mail service, using 28.8 modem with AOL account that switches monthly. Regarding to the phone service, the office environment has PBX Telephone system with intercom (POTS) with no voicemail or caller ID. The California Plant system works with Windows 2000 Server with Windows Exchange 6 and Windows proxy Server 2. The network is using Ethernet network Admin/Ops with Bay network router and bay networks 100MB hub, that means the system is more secured than the office location. Also, the router and the hubs tell than the plant computers are connecting together and the data exchanges easily within the system. (Networks, information Technology. From Missouri Location: This location is located

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