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Total Quality Management (TQM) Paper

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Total Quality Management (TQM) Paper
Carlos Vidales
University of Phoenix
Total Quality Management
Alejandro Martinez
February 12th, 2009

Total Quality Management (TQM) Paper
What is the best definition for Quality? Based on my own opinion and referring to the dictionary, I would define quality as “Do the best in order to get the best of what you do”.
Introduction and Thesis
Total Quality Management, as a continuous improvement methodology plays a very important role in any product or service company; therefore, it is crucial to understand and properly apply TQM methodology in order to obtain the benefits of providing a product or service with the highest quality that any customer deserve by purchasing any product or service.
In this paper will be covered the following topics: A the definition of Total Quality Management, the impact of globalization on Quality, also will be compared and contrasted traditional management styes with quality-focused management styles, and also will be explained how TQM applies in the writers workplace.
Total Quality Management Definition
As defined by Burrill, C.W., Ledolter in their book, “Total Quality Management is a [holistic] business management methodology that aligns the activities of all employees in an organization with the common focus of customer satisfaction [to be achieved] through continuous improvement in the quality of all activities [processes], goods and services”. (Burrill, Ledolter, 1999).
Having understood the definition of Total Quality Management as a business management methodology it is clearly observed that customer satisfaction as a primary focus topic should be a top priority concept for management in order to implement a continuous improvement concept through any organization that determines to increase the quality level of their product or services.
Impact of Globalization on Quality
One of the impacts of globalization on quality is lowering cost maintaining the same...

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