Total Qality Management Essay

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1.0 Introduction. The drive for quality management is not new. Many developed countries such as US and Japan have long implement Total Quality Management (TQM) activities in their industries. As a result, many of the manufacturer from this develop country have become a world class competitors in manufacturer industry such as Toyota and Honda. In Malaysia however, the concept of Total Quality Management is still new. The main objective of practicing TQM in Malaysia is to improve the quality of goods and services as well to improve productivity among the customer and employees. Now days, there are many industries that have implement TQM in their activities. One of the industries in Malaysia that had implement TQM in their activities process is Perodua Sdn Bhd. Perodua had became the number one automotive company in Malaysia since 2006 as a result of the TQM implementation. Many other awards have been received by Perodua such as 2009 Malaysia IQS (JD POWER) award for best compact car and Frost and Sullivan Awards 2009 for best value for money model of the year. Perodua also had export its cars to 7 countries namely the UK, Brunei, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Fiji. Some of the TQM concept that has been practice by Perodua is by introduces a vision and mission. The mission and vision will be the guidance for the Perodua employees to show what the main objectives of the companies are. The vision of the Perodua is to be the most preferred automotive brand renowned for products and services of excellent quality that contributes to the development of the nation. There are many mission that been introduce by Perodua to achieve the vision and some example of it is optimisation to customer satisfaction and benefit to stakeholders and dedication towards social responsibility to the community, environment and development of a competent workforce.

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