Total Physical Responce Essay

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УНИВЕРЗИТЕТ “СВ. КИРИЛ И МЕТОДИЈ” – СКОПЈЕ ФИЛОЛОШКИ ФАКУЛТЕТ “БЛАЖЕ КОНЕСКИ” – СКОПЈЕ ДОДИПЛОМСКИ АКАДЕМСКИ СТУДИИ Николовски Божидар ТЕМА: Total Physical Response Семинарска Скопје, 2012 Ментор: Проф. д-р Анжела Николовска Филолошки факултет “Блаже Конески” Скопје 1.Introduction The creator of the Total Physical Response Method, internationally known as TPR, is the American born emeritus professor of psychology Dr. James Asher. TPR, which is considered to be his biggest achievement, is the fruit of a 30 year long research about the problems of second language learning. Dr.Asher had noticed that children, when acquiring first language, go through a brief silent period before they start to speak. In addition he also observed that 50 % of the utterances that adults use when conversing with children are commands. Taking these two factors and children's natural language learning skills into account Dr.Asher hypothesized that children acquire language and determine meaning by comprehending cause-and-effect relationships. In example, by observing the changes that take place in their physical environment as the result of language use and also by understanding the relationship between the language and the context of a given situation.1 TPR is mostly based on the premise that every human brain has its internal biological program for acquiring any natural language, including the sign language of the deaf. An excellent example of this phenomenon is the way children internalize first language. For instance, when a mother speaks to an infant uttering a simple command like “look at mommy” the infants face turns towards the direction of the mother. Asher calls this “ language-body conversation” because the parent

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