Toshiro Dialectical Journal

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It was a dark night. A girl, short for her thirteen years of age, pulled on a too-large sweatshirt over her body. She shuddered as a malicious voice in her head whispered, "Hoshimi, you know that I am slowly taking over. Why not just end the pain and give up now?" Hoshimi rubbed the birthmark on her left shoulder as she climbed into her bed. She replied back, "Never, not in my lifetime." She fell asleep to the sound of a vicious chuckle. Ichigo groaned. How will he ever finish this pile of homework and go through hollow patrol during the same night? He massaged the bridge of his nose when Rukia jumped out of his closet in full Shinigami uniform. She fretted with the lieutenant badge while shouting, "Ichigo, we gotta go!" Ichigo yelled back,…show more content…
She fell asleep in the office once again, the pile of work next to her no smaller than it was yesterday. Toshiro leaned down next her ear and yelled as loud as he could, "GET UP MATSUMOTO!" Rangiku sat up suddenly, her auburn-blonde hair flying everywhere. She looked behing her and she said, "Oh, captain. What are you doing in my room?" Toshiro's turquoise eyes glinted as he yelled, "Matsumoto, we are in the office if you haven't noticed, and get back to work! Do you know how behind we are on paperwork?" Rangiku groaned out, "But Capt~a~in, do you know how tired I am? Can't we finish this tomorrow and call it a day?" Toshiro shook his head and replied sharply, "Maybe if you hadn't been drinking with Izuru just a couple of hours ago than you wouldn't be so tired!" They were both going on like this when they both stopped abruptly and looked out the window. "Did you feel that, Matsumoto?" Toshiro whispered to the woman. As she nodded, a Hell Butterfly flitted in through the partially open door and announced, "All captains and lieutenants are to report to headquarters for an emergency meeting immediately." Captain and lieutenant looked at each other, and then ran right out of the

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