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Latosha McDonald Reflection #1 Psych 2314, 9:40am January 23, 2014 I have read and watch a lot of different videos and articles about the different child and prenatal developments. I actually started writing a book when I became so bored one day because I witnessed an interesting and exciting moment with my 2 twin nephews. My sister had called me when she was going to the doctor to see if she was having a boy or girl. She told me she was having twins and I was shock and started crying. So the day she delivered my nephews she said that they didn’t look alike but she didn’t actually know the meaning of It, so I said they are not identical maybe and the doctor said they are monozygotic twins so I asked is there a difference from them looking alike and looking different then she explained that monozygotic twins are the ones that comes from the same zygote and have the same appearance and etc… then she explains when they don’t look alike they are called dizygotic twins meaning they don’t have the same appearance and they began life as two. Some dizygotic twins either look like the mother or the father at times. As I have read chapter 2 page (46-47) I have retained a lot of information about the different types of twins that could be born and why they are born this way. I also have read a book called The Identical Strangers; A Memoir of twins Separated and Reunited. It is a true story about Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein. They grew up in two different families. No one was ever told that they were twins. They reunited in there thirties and when they became close they question of what role nature and nurture play in their lives. It is very shocking how many similarities that both girls share and didn’t even know of. The environment being a big role in their life playing as nature and also them alone by themselves figuring out that they are twins since birth plays a

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