Torture Rooom Essay

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Torture Room THE BRIEFCASE INT. TORTURE ROOM - NIGHT A POLICEMAN is tied to a chair in a dark room. Blood, tears and bruises stain an otherwise pristine and distinguished face as he stares at his captors with wide eyes. ANTONIO, wearing a crimson red Hawaiian shirt, HITS the policeman so hard he KNOCKS him and the chair to the ground. Antonio snatches the badge off the policeman, RIPPING a hole in the shirt over his heart. He SMASHES the policeman's face with it. Another CAPTOR pulls out a gun and aims it at the whimpering mess on the floor. He COCKS it. After a couple beats, he SHOOTS the policeman in the face. INT. ANTONIO'S HOUSE, HALLWAY - DAY Two huge GUARDS in black with folded arms and sunglasses stand like angry statues on either side of a door. INT. ANTONIO'S HOUSE, OFFICE - DAY Antonio, this time wearing a sky blue Hawaiian shirt, sits behind a barren desk, save for an ashtray and a liquor bottle. He's inhaling a cigarette and a glass of scotch. The STRANGER sits across from him, almost completely hidden from the lines of sunlight coming through the venetian blinds. The glowing tip of his cigarette floats calmly in front of his silhouette. His other hand, the only part of his body in the light, taps the top of the suitcase on the table with impatience. Antonio huffs down the last of his cigarette, puts it out in the ashtray, then lights another. ANTONIO So I say, "Fuck you!" What do I look like? I'm no fucking pushover. I grab my gun and shove it in the prick's face. Make him taste the barrel before I hospitalize his ass. Man, am I a bad ass or what? Antonio savors a long drag from his cigarette, then takes a drink. ANTONIO So after I finish with the little jack-off, I pay a quick visit to Papa V's, you know, the Wop joint outside of town? Great food, beautiful women, muah belle belle and all that dago shit. So I pick up my calzone. Oh,

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