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Proposal My topic in the broad sense is torture and the ethical battle that comes along when discussing that. When narrowed down, I want to discuss the torturing of alleged terrorist under the Bush administration and other questionable interrogation tactics. For this topic I will use the support of ethics and U.S. documents such as the constitution and the Bill of Rights. I have many sources with arguments for and against torture and also sources specifically about the Bush administration. My interest in this subject stems from my major being Political Science with a concentration on public administration. My topic is currently popular in political news which is another reason I picked it, I wanted to stay current and focus on something with…show more content…
The subject of torture is being brought to the American public and citizens’ opinions are forming everywhere. To show these opinions I am conducting my own survey to go along with my paper. The survey will be a question or questions about torture, to get the thoughts of people, people chosen for my survey will be my own family and friends plus random selections from my fellow students around campus. Possible sources for my paper include books, newspaper articles and scholarly journals. My main bulk of research is from books and the books I used so far are: Being Good, Ethics, Torture in the Eighties, Report of Torture, Politics of Pain, History of Torture, Torture and Truth and War, Torture and Terrorism. I also used the Washington and Huffington Posts as well as the constitution. When researching for this paper I wrote down what I already knew about the subject before looking anything up. After looking at my own knowledge of the subject I make a draft of potential thesis statements. After I formed a rough draft my thesis I went to the library for book sources and online for web, newspaper and journal sources. I read and looked through my sources while writing down useful information and good support for my paper. My example I am using from the Huffington Post is a Dick Cheney article that is about an interview with the former Vice President in which he defends the interrogation methods such as water boarding used on alleged terrorist.

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