Torts and Elements Essay

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Tort has three: 1.Negligence, is calpubilty. Duty, breach of duty, damages. 2.Strict liability-is having no fault, 1. reason or knowledge, 2. Harm that is caused, 3. Damages 3.Intentional tort: A tort civil wrong that has caused harm to person or property. Or a substantial certainty to bring about a harm. . Intentional tort has, and can have transferred intent, Act. Result a harmful or offensive contact, and causation and the defense will have to prove intent, act, result, and cause. Tort comes from Civil Law and common law 1. Assault is a tort that is a civil wrong that could be in a commission of a crime. Act and intent are an Assault. 2. Battery elements fall under intentional torts. It is the act itself (men rea), 2 intent to cause harm or offensive contact, 3. Harmful or offensive contact with the plantiff person. 4. The causation of harmful or offensive contact. Every tort is a sue. Is that every tort is a cause of action (legally acceptable reason for suing.) Tort law | Part of the common law series | Intentional torts | * Assault Battery * False imprisonment * Intentional infliction of * emotional distress (IIED) * Transferred intent * wrongful death-deceit | Property torts | * Trespass (land · chattels) * Conversion Detinue * Replevin Trover | Defenses | * Assumption of risk * Comparative negligence * Contributory negligence * Consent Necessity * Statute of limitations * Self-defense * Defense of others * Defense of property * Shopkeeper's privilege | Negligence | * Duty of care Standard of care * Proximate cause Res ipsa loquitur * Calculus of negligence * Rescue doctrine Duty to rescueSpecific typesNegligent infliction ofemotional distress (NIED) * Employment-related Entrustment * Malpractice (legal ·

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