Tortilla Urtain And Illegal Immigrants Of Today Essay

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satirical television show, “South Park” starts with three main characters standing in front of a bus stop.ond half of 20th century to now, the issue of illegal immigrants from Mexico is a key controversy in US society. In chapters one and two in Part Two of The Tortilla Curtain, T.C. Boyle uses the recurrent symbol of a wall to emphasize the theme of division between American residents and Mexicans. A character that embodies American middle class citizen in The Tortilla curtain is Kyra. She is a professional real estate agent and a member of a nuclear family with three pets. To keep Mexicans from affecting her household and job, she actively builds barrier around her world. Kyra realizes the need of a barricade around her house, after a coyote kills her dog. She encloses her family to keep the wilderness away from her house because the wild creatures from nature interrupt her life: she clearly says to Mexican laborers, “I don’t want anything getting in here ever again”(160). Coyotes can kill her other pets. Snakes threaten her pets and her family members, and the Mexican homeless may trespass into her house. In contrast, the wilderness represents the world of an illegal immigrant, Candido. He even describes it as a sanctuary when he had to move into city. Since Kyra is a part of the American society, she doesn’t welcome menacing outsiders; hence, she builds the rampart to keep them out. Not only her house, but also her workplace is in danger of intrusion by Mexicans. Boyle describes Kyra as a career woman devoted to her job. She keeps track of all her clients. Furthermore, she regularly sends gifts to make sure she will be the one who will be proudly introduced to other possible customers by her previous buyers. She represents the land that is only privileged to the wealthy American. However, her workplace is shaken when José Navidad and his Indian

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