Tortilla Curtain Compared To Grapes Of Wrath

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Jeremy Grden AP English 3 8/1/11 Comparison essay The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle and grapes of wrath by john Steinbach both possess similar thematic elements. The major theme that occurs in both novels was depression. The author’s use of literary strategies such as diction, syntax, and characterization help them to further develop the theme of the novel. Although the authors writing styles were different they both expressed similar themes. John Steinbeck’s syntax incorporates use of long and descriptive sentences to fully understand the hardships of the characters. T.C. Boyle’s syntax was not as complex and was more straightforward with his writing. This helped the reader’s knowledge on the book. John Steinbeck’s diction included an extensive vocabulary, while T.C. Boyle’s diction was more simple and easier to comprehend. Both T.C. Boyle and John Steinbeck used direct characterization. These literary devices helped both authors express their themes of depression. One theme that occurred in both books was the theme of depression. In The Grapes of Wrath the Joad family struggles to survive on their farm in Oklahoma. Dust Bowls threatened the survival of their crops and the government forced them to leave their home. A similar struggle occurs in The Tortilla Curtain when Candido and America are unable to find good paying jobs to provide for themselves. These events lead families to having to move away in search for a better place to live. In the search of a better life, both families encountered hardships. In grapes of wrath the family’s toll of problems continues to rise along with the obstacles on the journey to California. The deaths start off first with grandpa dying from a stroke, then later lead on to grandma dying of old age and heartache, and the tragic loss of John Casey the preacher. America and Candido all face similar problems on their

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