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TORT REFORM 1. INTRO What is Tort Reform? If you have ever heard an attorney named Gloria Allred, you would probably better understand the need for Tort Reform. Attorneys like Ms. Allred have created this problem in our society where every civil case, no matter how large or small, should require a punishment for the offender to the tune of millions of dollars. Please understand I am not arguing for the side, of companies and individuals that do wrong, should not have to pay some sort of monetary punishment, but when a woman can sue Mcdonalds, because she spills her coffee on herself, and its somehow Mcdonald’s fault because they did not label their coffee cups correctly, then there is something seriously wrong. I almost would have no issue with that case I presented above, but where I draw the line, is when you have millions of dollars wasted on medical malpractice suits, driving up the cost of healthcare for everyone in the process. 2. Main Body Currently in our great nation, a health care law was passed, that will somehow, some way insure every American, provide the utopia that so many in this country have been striving for, but without driving up the cost of healthcare, and without adding to our national debt(I won’t get into the national debt issue though because, that’s a different issue for a different time.). If it the new law happens to do that then great. There was only one problem though when they went to pass this law. They did not examine the issues of Tort Cases contributing the rising cost of health care. Now I have some opinions on why this was done, one would be that Tort Lawyers like Ms. Allred are big contributors to the democratic party, and the democratic party was the party responsible for passing this massive bill thru congress, and the senate, with a democratic president signing off on it. That is only my opinion though, and I will

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