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Tort Laws: A Two Case Study Brian Terry University of Maryland University College Author Note This paper was prepared for AMBA 610, Section 9044, taught by Professor Youngblood. This paper will be examining tort laws through two cases studies which may or may not be frivolous. The first case is Judith Haimes v. Temple University Hospital in which the plaintiff alleged a CAT preformed robbed her of her psychic powers. The second case is Cheryl Vandevender v. Sheetz Inc. in which the plaintiff alleges work place discrimination when she was unable to work due to a back injury suffered while opening a jar of pickles at work. These two cases will be discussed using a series of eight questions in a side by side comparison. Which means a question will be asked and then both cases will be discussed under that question and so on until all the questions have been answered. Now the first question: What are the facts? The facts in the first case, Judith Haimes v. Temple University Hospital, are according to the website is that the plaintiff went to Temple University Hospital to receive a CAT scan. The plaintiff with a history of tumors was referred to a specialist whom recommended a CAT scan. While at Temple University Hospital the plaintiff told the radiologist that she has had a previous reaction to the dye use in the administration of a CAT scan. The radiologist using this information administered a small amount of the dye, two drops, to the plaintiff and then set up an “intravenous line so that counter-acting drugs could be quickly administered if a reaction occurred.” After several minutes a second small amount, five to seven drops, were given to the plaintiff at which time a severe allergic reaction resulted. The allergic reaction resulted in “difficulties breathing, tightness of the throat, pain, nausea,

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