Torpedo Case Study

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10 Torpedo Deadly World Efran shah Monday, June 16, 2014 7 Comments Torpedo is underwater lethal weapon that can be launched from submarines, surface ships, aircraft and helicopters. Based on the performance characteristics, such as speed, range and depth of its operations, the following 10 best torpedo in the world today. A244 / S Mod 3 A244 / S Mod 3 is a result of the development of EuroTorp (a consortium of Italian and French defense company), lightweight anti-submarine torpedo that has been used for more than 16 navies in the world. Torpedo is designed to address all conventional and nuclear submarines with advanced anti-torpedo countermeasures. A244 / S Mod 3 A244 / S Mode 3. Image via A244 / S Mod 3-dimensional length of 2.75 m, a diameter of 324mm,…show more content…
ADCAP Mk48 Mod 7 CBASS ADCAP Mk48 Mod 7 Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System (CBASS) developed by Lockheed Martin with features active / passive homing, broadband sonar guidance and advanced counter-countermeasures to detect, track and achieve the targets in deep and shallow waters. It is a heavyweight torpedo used sophisticated submarine fleet of the US Navy and its allies. ADCAP Mk48 Mod 7 CBASS Mk-48 CBASS. Illustration: Lockheed Martin This torpedo dimension 5,79m long, 533mm diameter, weighs 1,676 tons, bringing 292,5kg warhead and is supported by a piston engine that utilizes monopropellant Otto Fuel II. Its maximum speed is 55 knots and an effective range of 50km at a speed of 40 knots. Shkval-E Shkval-E is a high-speed torpedo manufactured by Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC Russian. This torpedo can be launched from submarines and surface ships at sea level Sea State 4 from a depth of 30m. Shkval-E Shkval-E. Picture: Vitaly V. Kuzmin Torpedo with 8,2m long, 533mm diameter and weighs 2.7 ton warhead carries a high equivalent to 210 kg of

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