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Homosexuality is a sexual or aesthetic (platonic) relation of the representatives of the same sex. One can not simply become a homosexual, because it is the nature of an individual, something like a code in his mind which can not be changed. The attitude of the public towards homosexuality is extremely different: there are people who support it or are simply tolerant about it, the others are radically against of homosexuality supporting their idea with the religious views and cultural aspects. Nevertheless, homosexuality has always existed in the human society and more than two thousands years ago was treated like a common thing. The best example is the ancient Greece, a country where homosexual relations were treated like high feelings, they were described in poems and no-one was against of it. We can write a Custom Research Paper on Homosexuality for you! Today the situation is different and a great number of people, mostly representatives of religious organizations, churches, conservatives fight against homosexuality claiming it is a terrible sin and immoral behavior. On the other hand, the supporters of homosexuality advertise their orientation all over the world in different ways striving to receive tolerant attitude of the public. A successful research paper should present the background of the problem and describe the psychological and medical understanding of homosexuality. A reader should realize that it is not a choice but a voice of nature. Present the attitude towards homosexuality in the ancient world and modern times, introduce the attitude of religion towards homosexuality and explain its radical reasons. Finally, a good paper should contain some effective solutions of the conflict, which can satisfy these two sides and make the humanity a bit more tolerant towards homosexuality. Students researching the topic of homosexuality have to devote much

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