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Physical development across the lifespan is something I like to keep up with myself. I like to look back at this just to see where I was when I was the age and see if I was on the right track with the different developmental stages. I’m able to do this through home movies that my family has made and also luckily, my parents have a good memory. Behaviorism and social learning theory across the lifespan is an important topic for me because I’m going to be a teacher. I want to teach young children so I think it will be very important for me to know this very well because I will be one of the first to mold a child’s brain. It is very important to know what type of children your dealing with so you can apply the right type of learning with them. Cognitive development across the lifespan kind of relates to me with the physical development part that I wrote about in the first paragraph. I feel the same way about both of these I liked to know where I was and if I acted properly at the proper age. Intelligence is something that I love. I love this because I like think that I’m smart and like to learn. I think my intelligence went along good with my cognitive development. I’m lucky that also test well so I think that’s why I think that I score so high on most everything. Gender development across the lifespan is very interesting to me since I come from a different culture. So I think it’s interesting to see both sides of it. There are big gender role differences that go on from the two that I see. One culture it is ok to do something and the other not so much. It’s confusing to me sometimes but all in all I think it’s interesting. Identity development across the lifespan is good because I think everyone is unique and I like to see how people really change and settle into their true personalities. I have a very unique personality and I like to read and see

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