Topic: The importance of fire and phoenix that changes Montag.

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Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature in which the books are burnt. Burning is a crucial process that keeps us alive. Without fire, lives are impossible. Without fire, the world is cold and dark. Fire is also a source of energy. Sun needs to be burning to allow lives to begin. Burning was also the job of our main character in the book. Bradbury has mentioned phoenix in the later part of the book. The Phoenix is also related to fire. It obtains its new life in the flame. Without fire and burning, the Phoenix wouldn’t even exist. In addition, the Phoenix can reborn infinite times and it is immortal. Even though the Phoenix is imaginary, the life of a phoenix is similar to the life of Montag. A change is needed for them to construct a new life. Fire and the phoenix are related to the change of Montag, these two factors together have created a new Montag. Fire has made Montag learn and it has significant meanings in F451 world. Fire makes lives possible but it is also dangerous in a way that it destroys things completely. Fire can turn everything into ashes. With a blow, the thing you see one minute before is dispersed in the air. In the book, fire was mentioned as an element to establish justice. Besides, fire is what makes up Montag’s life and it is the main theme of the book. Fire in the book represents power and the ability to control someone. People in the society think that books are devil and they should all be burnt. The government thinks that fire can strangle all knowledge and take control of the public. Firemen are created to take this job and protect the community. Fire is set up to destroy one’s house, to destroy the work that the author has done for life and sometimes, it takes away people’s lives. Captain Beatty clarified in the book that using fire to burn is the only way to preserve peace and equality. “The cigarette people are weeping, burn the book.

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