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When I was first assigned to an art project in elementary school, I never thought that later on in life I would have such a passion for it. It was always fun to draw and create things with art, but I never thought about how much I actually enjoyed doing it. It wasn't until my junior year of high school that I finally decided to join an art class. Though, then I didn't realize it would pave my way for such great opportunities. In my junior year of high school I signed up for Art I. The first day I walked in, I realized that I didn't know anyone since most of the students in there were freshman, and because of that it made me want to drop the class and try for another elective, but as the year went on, I realized how not knowing many people helped me to stay focused on my artwork. I worked diligently and effectively, and throughout the year I developed friendships with creative minds just as I had, and they helped me to boost confidence in my work. They would compliment my work, but they also helped me with their constructive criticism, and throughout the class I grew to become a better artist. Not only did my classmates notice, but my teacher also began to notice. Later on in the year, a project was presented to us by my teacher to create a picture using a technique called "scratchboard". Basically, it's a two-layered surface with black on top, and white underneath. You use the scratchboard tool to scratch at the black to reveal the white, creating lines and all different kinds of textures. At first it was a simple example, creating flowers, bugs, and other objects, but then we had our actual project, to recreate an image using the techniques we learned. I chose a picture of a bird I had found from a magazine in class, and thought it would be a perfect choice since I could show how much texture the feathers produced. As we worked on that for a few days, my

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