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Topic Research 1. Potential Topics a. The Colligate Athlete #1, high school students b. The Boston Fan base #2, Boston security 2. Relevant periodical, magazine or journal articles a. Topic One – Boston Fans i. Article 1 - Forbes Report ii. GQ Report b. Topic #1 – Colligate Athletes i. Graduation rates Http:// ii. Balancing Http:// 3. Newspaper Articles i. Boston Fans give Bruins a hero welcome ii. Lucic family feels heat in Vancouver 4. Books i. Sport Fans: The Psychology and Social Impact of Spectators [Paperback] Daniel L. Wann (Author), Merrill J. Melnick (Author), Gordon W. Russell (Author), Dale G. Pease (Author) ii. Student-Athlete Success: Meeting the Challenges of College Life [Paperback] Carl I. Fertman 5. Internet Websites i. Celtics Blog Blogs about what is going with the Boston Celtics, anyone, including fans can comment on what’s going on. 6. Expert in Topic, i. Boston Fans ii. College Athletes at Saint Anselm 7. Summary I think the collegiate athlete would be a better topic, because I know the lifestyle. I could also find students across campus that would be good to interview. It was easier to find book about student athletes vs. crazy fans. Boston fans may be more appealing to the audience but I also feel the student athlete one would be too. It would be interesting to introduce another

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