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Executive Summary The Trophy project is a clear example of how not to do projects, the following areas was identified in the project statement. * Organisational problems * Culture and Behaviour Problems * Management and Leadership challenge The 3 elements of project management was not managed well and therefore an undesired outcome of the project. Time (Duration) Cost (Finances) Performance / Quality Recourses Within good human relations Figure 1: Overview of Project Management Problems identified in the Trophy project. * Assistant manager appointed to a new problematic project as project manager * Schedules started to slip from day one. * Functional managers were charging direct labour to project but busy with pet projects. * Reichardt was not given any authority in the organisation. * Matrix organisation was not working in this case. * Staff allocated by line managers was not keeping up to the pace. * Over run on the project was at 20% should be below 10%. * Not reporting to the project office. * Too much time spent on reporting on the project. * Implementing a complex computer programme at this stage is too late. * The staff was added to the computer programme and not the project. * Managers still did not supply adequate staff to the project. * Vendors were not supplying on time. * Corporate president threatened to fire Reichardt. * No control over the functional mangers. * Not good idea to place customer onto the project. * Customer demanded more updates as this was time wasting. * Customer basically dictated the project. * The project was completed at 40% overrun, which was exactly where Reichard had it. * No Program manager identified and assigned to the project Organisational problems at The Trophy Company There is a Matrixstructure

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