Top Security Deficiencies Essay

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Listed below are the top 9 cyber security deficiencies with recommended solutions for the Jacket –X IT Infrastructure. DEFICIENCIES 1. The company’s policy on laptop return was not followed. As a result, an infected laptop was introduced back into the network without first having it scanned for threats. RECOMMENDED CONTROL: Although a security policy is in place, it needs to be amended to define the proper use of computer resources. It should specify the rule on taking computer equipment out of the workplace along with the penalties for noncompliance. Jacket – X needs to create an effective security awareness, training, and education plan to ensure all employees are familiar with the policy and procedures. 2. The current network logging activity cannot keep up with the load of orders. RECOMMENDED CONTROL: Filter network traffic at border routers and network firewalls. Deploy network intrusion detection systems to monitor network traffic for malicious activity (Best, Mohay, & Anderson, 2004). 3. The ports were left open after they were instructed to leave specific ports open until the end of this week. . RECOMMENDED CONTROL: Close the ports, and used a port scanner to monitor your opened ports. These ports, if left opened can be used by hackers to plant viruses, denial of service tools and malware (Firewall management, 2008) . 4. There is a lack of validation controls within the payroll process allowing payroll specialists and administrators to add bogus employees to the payroll master file, falsify time cards and modify payroll checks. RECOMMENDED CONTROL: Establish validation protocols to what access and privileges employees needs to know based on their job. 5. There are no audit trails available or lack of a decent audit trail for deleted payrolls and generated paychecks. RECOMMENDATION: It is

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