Tootsie Roll Industry Financial Essay

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Tootsie Roll Industry Financials Molly Matyka, Dalisa Santiago, Kevin Spalding, Denise Sudler, ACC/561 October 22, 2012 Karen Lascelle Loan Package for Tootsie Roll Industry In order to obtain a loan to help finance the Tootsie Roll Inc., whether it is through a banking institution or a private lender; a properly written loan package is needed to obtain the proper financing for the company’s future advancement. Each funding source is needed to be detailed to ensure the right financing is obtained and the best terms for Tootsie Roll Inc. to re-pay the loan back once it is obtained. Tootsie Roll Inc. has decided to modernize the organization and wants to improve its technology to be compatible with other business organizations. Additional capital is needed to help the company transition through this phase of growing the business as well as updating system regarding technology growth and renovations. This report contains a customized loan package detailing the financial aspects of Tootsie Roll Industry business operations, its ability to repay the loan as well as its funding and operation costs to support future expansion and growth of the business. The Need for the Loan Package In an effort to remain profitable in these economic times, it is essential for Tootsie Roll, Inc. to strive for efficiency in production. To enable this quest for maximum efficiency, an investment into the production facilities is necessary. Tootsie Roll Inc. strives to minimize the energy consumption and the labor costs associated with producing the various products. To start the implementation of manufacturing facility renovations immediately, an amount of capital is necessary. In 2007, a $15 million of capital was invested into operations which helped the company get started on energy efficiency progress however, for another investment of this

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