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Tootsie Pop Commercial How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Toosie Pop? The famous “Toosie Pop” catch-phrase commercial is known among many Americans. It is a classic commercial that first aired in1969. The company uses pathos to persuade the audience with a little boy, friendly animals, and the tone of voice the narrator has. The main character in this commercial appeared to be cute, full of curiosity, and innocent. The little boy was sad because he could not find out how many licks it took to get to get to the center of the product. He went to different animals to find the answer but was not able to find it. The frustration on his face showed the audience that he wanted to give up. Toward the end of the commercial, he seemed puzzled and sad. His mouth was wrinkled up and his eyes drooped down. It causes the audience to feel sympathetic because he had a problem that he could not solve. The commercial consisted of four animals that seemed friendly. There were cartoon characters of a cow, fox, turtle, and an owl. Each animal turned down the little boys question of how many licks did it take to get to the center of the Toosie Pop. The first character he went to was a cow; he was big, deformed, and had crooked teeth. He replied that he always ends up biting the lollipop and to go ask the fox. The little boy goes to approach the fox. The fox seemed nonchalant because he had on shades and laughed when he talked. The fox had the same excuse as the cow and told him to ask the turtle. The boy went to the turtle who had wrinkles, a sluggish demeanor, and no teeth. The little boy was rejected a third time with the same excuse. The turtle dropped his head appearing to not have any confidence and told him to ask the owl. The little boy seemed anxious as he approached the owl. The owl seemed wise because he had glasses and a graduation cap on. He took the

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