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Appendix 1: Assessment Task 1 submission form Student name | Susan Adams | Meeting name: | Weekly Toolbox meeting | Meeting purpose: | OH&S / Project Updates / Safety revision - electric tools. | Participants Participant name | Reason for participation | Bob Brown | Director | Ros Brown | Director | Dave Brown | Director | Sue Adams | Staff | Steve Wallace | Staff | Gary Devan | Staff | Paul Ramos | Staff | Pete Kalos | Staff | John Peltaros | Staff | Kylie Gillette | Staff | Meeting format Informal meeting.This is a regular staff meeting conducted at the end of the working week to discuss project progress, OH&S issues and staff training sessions. | What format have you chosen for this meeting and why? Invitation What format did you use for your invitation and why did you choose this format? Hard copy notification – staff notice board & pigeon holes. This is a standard meeting every Friday that all staff are aware of. New staff are advised as part of their induction. Any change to meeting time/date is advised as above. The company does have guest trainers attend occasionally for safety training. These invites are sent 2 weeks prior to meetings via email as a meeting request with an RSVP request for 3 days prior to meeting. | Meeting papers Describe the meeting papers you were required to prepare and the distribution method you used to provide those papers to participants. Why did you choose the distribution method that you used? Copies of the previous meeting are taken for each attendee, some are translated to Greek as the company employs 3 Greek workers who can speak & understand English but not read English very well, I found it easier for these workers to have minutes translated through “Google Translate”, they have said this is very helpful and the translation is good.Information sheets for safety

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