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Too Dependent on Computers Essay

  • Submitted by: ErinReneeAnn
  • on October 5, 2015
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Below is an essay on "Too Dependent on Computers" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Erin Schoenling
Professor Toomey
Thesis Section 1
1 October 2015

One of the reasons I think that humans are becoming too dependent on computers deals with a program called Microsoft Word.   Word is a program that lets a person type out a document.   For example, when I was in grade school, we had our own computer literacy class that taught us about different programs on the computer, including Microsoft Word.   There are certain sections in this program that offer help to the person writing their document.   These sections include, “Spelling and Grammar”, “Theasurus”, “Dictionary”, and “Auto Correct”.   We were told to not use “Spelling and Grammar” because it does not always is correct.   They always wanted use to proof read with our own eyes and see our mistakes.   As much as I thought that was terrible, in the end, it has shown me to keep my eye out for my mistakes.   All of the sections in Word are to help the writer in every possible way.   I refuse to use the “Spelling and Grammar” choice is because the terms might not always be correct.   For instance, if a person writes this sentence, “I am going their tomorrow.”   Word will not see that “their” is the correct word but not the correct spelling.   When showing that Word does not pick up on Homonyms, this can lead to mistakes on that document.   This can also lead to laziness for the writer if they do not care to even see if the sentence is correct in spelling and grammar.  
I think this can be hard to avoid this section in Microsoft Word in a school setting.   The student could be writing a paper and instead of proof reading with their own eyes they could just use the “Spelling and Grammar” to correct what may be wrong.   If the student constantly uses this way of “correcting” their sentences, how are they going to do that when it comes to handwriting a paper?   The teachers have to be noticing that their students are getting their grammar and spelling incorrect.   If not, they could be at blame for this situation...

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