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THE SEARCH The search of my leader, Tony Romo, was relatively easy. This was because the fact that I already knew so much about him from being a Dallas Cowboys fan. I did a lot of research on him before I even knew that I was going to be doing a research project on him. Information on Tony Romo was easy to find from multiple sources and I successfully completed my research. I did not fail to find adequate information from him and experienced no failures in conducting the research. I was able to do must of my research in class during our time in the library. During my research time in the library, I spent most of the time searching for information about his pre-Cowboy career. The hardest part of the research process for me was to find out the information on him while he was in high school. This was because most high schools do not keep the type of stats that a college does. Even if a high school does keep good stats, they usually only keep them for four years for use of there players going on to play at a college level. After high school players get into college, the high schools usually just get rid of that players stats and not think much of them from that point on. I already had most of the information about Tony Romo that I needed for my research just by watching him play on Sundays and Monday nights in all of his games this season. The interviewing process of Romo’s leadership skills was also very easy for me. I interviewed my Dad, and my Brother Brian. I choose them because they are very big Cowboy fans and they would know a lot of information about Tony Romo without having to do research on him. They helped me with the definition of a leader and also some of the specific qualities that Romo has. Both my Brother and my Dad said that they enjoyed the interviewing process because of the fact that it was a topic that they knew so much about and cared so much

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