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How does Tomas Hardy represent women in his Wessex tales? Thomas Hardy wrote his short stories in the late 1800’s in a quite town of Dorset. The tree stories I will be writing about are “Tony Kytes”, is about a man that takes on lots of women and plays them off of one another. “The Withered Arm” is about a lady who marries a man who had a child with another woman that he did not marry and left when she was pregnant. Then my final story is “Mrs Chundle” a lonely, death lady who lives next to a parish and the vicar persuades her to go to church, although she is death. The vicar is horrified to discover that Mrs Chundle has bad breath and asks her not to come to church any more because of it. Life in Victorian times was very restricted because the women were not allowed to vote or visit public events, also they had to find a husband and were expected to dress well and look nice. The women in Victorian times were not very clever and were made to stay at home and learn how to nit and cook. Firstly we learn how Victorian society had double standards when considering behaviour of men and women. In “Tony Kytes” its ok for men to ride with lots of women but its bad for women to be with men, for example Tony’s dad tells him “why, now if it had been milly t’would you have been quite proper, but you and Hannah Jolliver going about by yourselves”. This quotation shows that Tony’s dad is concerned about the reputation of the women. Also in “The Withered Arm” farmer lodge gets Rhoda pregnant and she is outcast and nothing happens to farmer lodge. For example “He hasn’t spoke to Rhoda brook for years” this quotation shows that Rhoda brook got pregnant by farmer lodge and he left her and hasn’t spoken to her since. Another example is if a woman does magic she is sent away but it is ok for conjuror trendle to do magic because he is a man. For example “ Mrs lodge’s gradual
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