Toni Morrison's Beloved Essay

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Zachary Brill 2/8/09 AP Literature Beloved Essay Beloved Essay Toni Morrison’s Beloved tells the tale of a group of African-Americans who have run away from their lives as slaves and now must cope with the realities of starting a new life away from slavery. Morrison describes the difficulties the slaves endure in the present, resulting from their difficult pasts. Letting go of the harsh memories that remain in the freed-slaves’ minds follow them into freedom. White, overpowering, slave owners caused the suffering that these African-Americans have difficulty forgetting. The cruel actions of systematically dehumanizing another race are unjustifiable and will never be excused. Yet, while telling the story of Sethe, Denver, Paul D., Beloved and others who slavery affected, Morrison does not make all of the white characters awful. Instead, she works to balance the view of contemporary culture in her story. By not making each white character evil and by not making each black character wonderful, she provides a balanced view. Of course, it is difficult for any author whom writes about the slavery period in America to not make each white character immoral and villainous. However, Morrison wants to balance the view of contemporary culture on this period. To do this, she avoids making the reader despise each white character and create biases towards these characters. Morrison is able to broaden the typically modern view that each white person during the slavery period was immoral. By doing this she sheds a new light on viewpoints towards slave-owners and all whites during this period. This perspective was most strongly represented by the character traits and actions of Ms. Garner. Ms. Garner was the owner of Sweet Home, the farm in Cincinnati where Sethe, Paul D., Baby Suggs, and Halle all worked as slaves. Ms. Garner was the closest person to a parental

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