Toni Cade Bambara “the Lesson”

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Toni Cade Bambara “The Lesson” Toni Cade Bambara “The Lesson” is about a group of young poor children who are made to spend their summer days receiving lessons from Miss Moore. Miss Moore having a college degree takes it upon herself that she must educate these children. Miss Moore takes Sylvia her cousin Sugar and the other children on a trip to an expensive toy store. The children now see how wealthy the other world must be to be able to purchase these toys. The story suggests that people must value who they are but must reach for much more. The major character is Sylvia a young poor child who feels that there is nothing wrong with how and where she lives. She would rather be swimming or going to the movies than spending the day with Mrs. Moore educating her. “I’d much rather go to the pool or to the show where it’s cool” (69). Sylvia is a dynamic character, as she unwillingly is beginning to learn the lesson that Ms. Moore is trying to teach her and the other children. Sylvia feels emotions but does not understand why she feels this way. “Why you bring us here for Ms. Moore?”“You sound angry, Sylvia. You mad about something?” “Giving me one of them grins like she telling a grown-up joke that never turns out to be funny. And she’s lookin very closely at me like maybe she plannin to do my portrait from memory. I’m mad but I won’t give in to her that satisfaction” (73). Ms Moore is a static character, who is a college educated black woman, new to the neighborhood and to tries to educated the children of that community.”She’d been to college and said it was only right that she should take responsibility for the young ones’ education, and she not event related by marriage or blood”(69). The external conflict in the story is with Sylvia. She is rude and speaks with bad language when describing Ms. Moore. She feels every one is old and stupid and foolish but

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