Tone And Pemberton In Henry James 'The Pupil'

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The excerpt form Henry James’ story, “The Pupil,” describes three characters who all share a deep relationship. The author uses elements of diction, tone, and point of view to convey the influence of each character. These elements coincide with each other to show that the young boy is innocent and unknowing, willing to take orders at no questions; the cunning and extravagant Mrs. Morgan Moreen who seem to be the recipient of wealth because she doesn’t mention her rise to riches; and Pemberton appears to be playing the role of a nerdy, unpopular kid who wants to ask the popular girl out on a date. All of these characters, through being describe by such elements, had a definite factor in their relationship between them, which is without a doubt a game of big man on campus. Firstly, in this excerpt, the author seems to categorize each character…show more content…
In this excerpt, the tone of each character is portrayed by the author as constant throughout, but completely opposite the other characters. Again, the parallel of each character to personalities in modern society is the same to include tone. Mrs. Moreen plays the big man on campus whose popular, stuck up attitude contrast the meek unpopular geeks who has been planning to speak to her for a while. The young boy easily fits in as the popular person sidelines; following and doing whatever she tells them. This creates an atmosphere, where the strong survive and the weak crumble. The point of view in “the Pupil,” is important because here, third person omniscient, allows the reader to get the full outlook on the situation. The author’s specific point of view shows too that he looks favorably upon certain characters, purposely making them a more powerful character in the story. His point of view adds to the relationship of the characters in that he sees that anything Pemberton dos or tries to talk about, Mrs. Moreen wants not part
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