Tomorrow When the War Began (Film) Essay

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What methods has the director of Tomorrow When the War Began used to make this film a thriller? The director of “Tomorrow When the War Began” used methods such as plot, characterization, action, camera angles, music, sound and contrast, to make this movie into a thriller. In the movie, the plot has been used to create the essence of a thriller, by it involving the invasion of Australia by the Indonesians. This lends itself to conflict, the battle between good and evil as represented by the Australian group of teenagers and the Indonesian soldiers. The director has used characterization as a way to create diversity between characters. Although the main characters are a group of teenagers from the same small country town, there is variety in their personalities and backgrounds. Homer, is from a Greek family of farmers, Robyn is the daughter of a minister and is a pacifist, Ellie, the narrator and main heroine, is an Australian from a wealthy farming family and she is very determined and Lee, her potential boyfriend, has a Chinese background. Each character is made to have their own strengths and weaknesses to create suspense and tension throughout the movie. Another method which the director has used to make this film a thriller is action. The action in the movie results in violence and suspense. This has been used to the director’s advantage because the plot and setting of the movie is about the war between the Australians and Indonesians, which therefore would involve a lot of action and thrilling and suspenseful scenes. Violence is mainly with guns and involves attacks and self-defence. The suspense comes from chase scenes and from wanting to see if the characters survive. Suspense is also created as characters try to evade dangerous situations. Suspense and violence has been used in the scene when all the teenagers are at Corrie’s house, hiding from the

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