Tomorrow When the War Began Essay

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Tomorrow When the War Began Goodmorning/afternoon, my name is Georgia. The novel I’m going to be talking about is “Tomorrow When the War Began” by John Marsden. Throughout the novel, the characters are constantly face with tough, ethical and moral dilemmas. When the characters arrive back home from their camping trip, they discover their families have been captured. The group has to make hard and fast decisions about their lives, to make sure they survive. Having to split up from the rest of the group, Ellie Kevin and Corrie are faced with the dangerous task of trying to rescue their families from the showgrounds, where Commemoration Day was held. When caught by three soldiers and deciding whether to get shot or captured to try and escape, all three characters make the decision to run for their lives and stay safe to remain together and ensure the safety of everyone in the group. When faced with this difficult dilemma, Ellie acts bravely and heroicly. When circumstances call for it, she always steps up and stands up for her friends because she is brave, tough and represents the qualities of a responsible leader. Rather than leaving her friends to fight by themselves, she stays with Corrie to ensure that she also makes it out alive. As a character who always fights to keep her friends safe, Ellie believes that it is wrong to leave one of her friends behind in a situation that can lead to death. While Ellie took control of the situation and fought for the lives of her friends and family, Kevin reacted in a different way when faced with this dilemma. When Kevin was faced with this same moral dilemma, he handled it quite differently to how Ellie did in this life or death situation, Kevin panicked and told the girls to “Go like stink!” while running like no tomorrow. When arriving at Mrs. Alexander’s house, Kevin was in a panic but still tried helping Ellie

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