Tomorrow When the War Began Essay

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In this novel, ‘Tomorrow When the war Began’, the author John Marsden has manipulated the readers to question whether it is understandable to kill a human being in a war situation and to question when is it murder and when it is not. Marsden was able to do this by using selected narrative devices such as, setting, characters and the use of point of view. The narrative device, setting is used to manipulate the readers into siding with the opinion that because she was fighting for her country, and doing whatever it took to get it back that they would do the exact same thing. “The cool night breeze kissed my face all over, all the time, and the smell of the wattle gave a faint sweetness to the air. This was my country.” (Pg215) This quote describes a good feeling about where she lived and then refers to Australia as her country, which gives an understandable right for her to fight and defend her country. Setting manipulates the reader to challenge the theme morality of war. Also another quote about setting, explains about the invading planes and dealing with the change in Ellie’s country that the group had not even found out about yet. This quote also gives an understanding of Wirrawee having a presence of evil among it, Wirrawee losing its innocence and purity of freedom: “Their noise, their speed, their darkness frightened me… The air didn’t seem as clear, as pure. There was a new atmosphere. There sweetness has gone; the sweet burning coldness has been replaced by a new humidity… humans had invaded everything, everywhere.” (Pg38-39) Having this quote describe a place where it even just sounds evil, gives the reader an idea how wicked the invaders are, so that gives acceptance to killing the invaders within the story. John Marsden used the narrative device, characters, to cause a similarity between the readers and all the differently opinionated

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