Tomorrow When the War Began Essay

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Tomorrow When the War Began Essay Topic of the essay: T.W.T.W.B shows that there is a time and place for fighting back, violence/killing In the text, Tomorrow When The War Began we see many incidents of fighting and violence in the act of self-defense. Today most people in society believe the thought of killing someone is unacceptable. There is a distant difference to using violence in our normal world and to killing someone in War. Ellie and her friends are put into many situations that involve fighting back and violence and there characters show that there is a time for using violence in need. They are to fight a battle not only against their enemy but to survive amongst each other, this causes the group to defend themselves and act upon their enemy using violence. The times and places when your aloud to fight back, in this novel are quickly needed. Ellie, Corrie, and Kevin are thrown into a situation that they to face for their survival. In the novel they were appointed a mission to find where there parents were being confined. Instead they were ambushed by mercenaries and were anxiously trapped. They couldn’t think what to do, so Ellie took a risk and went for her gut instinct. She was forced to annihilate a lawn mower which ended them with their survival. This shows that they used self-defense in the correct way to protect friends. Despite having their world upside down the group had to rally together to help one another and to become a survivor to an unexpected catastrophe. After this coalition with the soldiers, Ellie was remorseful to think about what she had done to three human beings. She realized that everybody would of acted the way she did in those circumstances. In Tomorrow When the War Began the group was confronted by soldiers in difficult circumstances. In the novel, it portrays instances where characters are forced to make judgments based upon

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