Tomorrow, When The War Began

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Tomorrow, When the War Began reminds us that even in times of chaos and trauma, the human spirit will always triumph. Do you agree? In times of chaos and trauma the novel shows us that the human spirit will always triumph. Despite having their world turned upside the group rallies together to help one another fight the enemy. Instead of losing hope, dropping everything and surrendering, they fought for what they thought was right. After confronting unimaginable adversity the characters find a new depth within that they didn’t know existed. Their actions demonstrated what individuals can accomplish when faced with overwhelming disruption to their everyday lives, while having to fight for survival. The novel Tomorrow, When the War Began shows that the characters have to go through the chaos and trauma of having to change from teenagers to growing up and making mature decisions and choices. They also have to change beliefs and principles in order to survive. One major change is in Robyn, at the start of the novel she refuses to pick up a gun, let alone kill someone. But when she is faced with saving her friends she pushes all her fears and her faith away, and shoots the invaders. Robyn, in an extreme effort to help Lee was able to pick up a whole photocopier and move it out of the way, she then picked him up and was able to take him to a safer place. This took a lot of courage and shows that the human spirit will triumph when put in a difficult situation. "Robyn did most of the talking. She'd already been their unofficial leader when they left, and it was interesting to see how much she was running the show now." (pg. 221) In the novel, there is also chaos and trauma in the relationships within the group, especially with Ellie. Ellie is caught between her feelings for Homer and for Lee. When she finds out that Homer is in love with Fi, she pursued her feelings
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