Tomorrow When the War Began – Book vs Movie

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Compare and contrast the book to the film. Why do you think the film director gave the movie a different look to the character descriptions in the book? What has been left out of film that was in the book, why? Which did you prefer and why? 'Tomorrow When the War Began' was written and directed by Stuart Beattie in 2010 which provided a much different view on the teenage fiction novel written by John Marsden in 1993. Stuart Beattie gave the film a much different look to the book because a film has to appeal to a teenage/adult age-span in order to get more views. Additionally they made the movie have a lot more suspense, action and sexual references, as they’re the main factors that sell in a film industry. Compared to the book, Stuart Beattie changed many of the character’s personalities and looks. In the book, Ellie was pictured as being practical and rough around the edges. However, Stuart Beattie portrayed Ellie as being a sensitive and attractive girl who always wore the latest fashion. The first scene of the movie featured her with tears streaming down her face. This contradicts John Marsden’s view on Ellie as being a rough and tough country girl who wouldn’t burst into tears over a broken nail. Stuart Beattie illustrated Robyn’s character differently to how John Marsden depicted her in the book. Originally Robyn was a gutsy girl who was really active and sporty, Stuart however didn't give her any of these qualities. Stuart described her as being an innocent Christian girl who didn’t get out much. The only other character I pictured differently was Chris. He just seemed consistently stoned. I did picture him being into drugs and alcohol, although not as extreme as he was in the movie. Over all, the characters were a lot older in the movie than they were in the book. I visualized them being around fifteen to sixteen. On the other hand, Stuart
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