Tomorrow When the War Began

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15/10/2012 Reflection writing term 3 The three most important things I have learnt from studying ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ are courage, determination and friendship. These three things can work together to overcome the greatest hardships as shown in the story as Ellie and her friends try to resist enemy forces. Determination is another prominent factor in the story. There were many times in the story when the group of teenagers could have just given in. Through the ordeal, they had very little rest or sleep and were very tired. They couldn’t switch off for one second incase the enemy forces found them. To the group’s credit, they hung in together and never gave up on the slim hope that they might fight off the enemy forces. This show the group’s determination through tough times to keep on going in hope that one day they will survive the war. Friendship is an important factor in the story. The groups of friends were always there for each other, when they needed help. An example of is when the group of friends went out the save Lee who had just got shot in the leg. With no sense of self-preservation the friends of Lee successfully save him. The friendship between the groups was invaluable and without it they probably wouldn’t have survived. I really enjoyed doing-spelling words, it helps me how to remember words. Spelling words helps me to improve my vocabulary and spelling. Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. The new paper family; it introduce student like me write techniques and the skills of critical. The part I really like about the new paper family, is writing riddles it was really easy exercise to do, and it was really fun and helpful. By nasir ali

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