Tomorrow When the War Began Essay

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Thesis: A valuable lesson to be learnt in the extended text Tomorrow, When the War Began, by John Marsden was the value of bravery when you are faced with change; specifically discovering bravery you never knew you had! This lesson is highlighted in the scary conflict between the soldiers and Ellie when Ellie uses quick thinking and blows up the lawnmower, and the soldiers along with it. She discovers bravery she never knew she had. This lesson is valuable to me and other teenagers as it is relevant to today’s world because normal, everyday people can become heroes if they are in dangerous situations. 1. The lesson of undiscovered bravery is valuable as it demonstrates how much we can change in situations of danger. By this I mean Ellie’s brave actions offer to normal people, showing them that in situations of d anger they too could discover a bravery they never knew they had and change into a better more heroic person for it. “I felt then and still feel now that I was transformed by those four steps…I was now a force to be reckoned with” Ellie says of her dramatic transformation from average schoolgirl to brave heroine. Ellie’s transformation at that moment of danger is a valuable lesson to us all that we too can become heroes and heroines in situations of danger, finding unknown strengths and bravery in order to save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. 2. The conflict between the soldiers and Ellie offer us valuable lessons in bravery when our situations change. Ellie’s small town of Wirrawee was once a peaceful, even boring place. Somewhere you would think it very unlikely to run into armed soldiers. But when it is occupied by enemy forces, Wirrawee changes drastically. The town now looked so different and to find bravery when your once familiar surroundings have become unrecognizable and unsafe is very brave, indeed. Sitting in the once easily

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