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The Change Every single person experiences change in their lives. In the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, a very troublesome young boy overcomes a lot of conflict and becomes the hero of the town. This is a very big change for Tom. Tom Sawyer changed drastically throughout the course of this story. There are many examples of this in the book. Tom changes when he feels the pains of heartbreak for the first time. When his “fiance” breaks up with him, Tom’s little heart is shattered. In the book it says “ The boys soul was steeped in melancholy… he meant the best in the world and had been treated like a dog.” (Twain 65). Tom thought that he would have been able to win Becky Thatcher back for sure, but when he fails he is heartbroken and he changes a little because of it. In the book Tom also says “Mf! Some people think they’re mighty smart- always showing off!” (Twain 92) Tom also changes when he witnesses the murder of Doc Robinson. It is a very traumatic experience to see someone die, especially if they are murdered. Tom starts having nightmares after he sees Injun Joe kill doc Robinson. “It’s blood! It’s blood that’s what it is!” (Twain 86) was one of the quotes from his nightmares. No person should have to witness that kind of thing, especially little boys. The book puts it as it takes a lot to experience watching someone die, and even more to overcome it. I agree with that because when my grandma died it was very hard for me, but it was even harder for my grandpa because he watched it happen. Thirdly, Tom changes when he discovers that people actually missed him when he runs away, after a fight with Aunt Polly. He had always thought that nobody would care if he disappeared, but after he sneaks back into town and sees Aunt Polly praying for him, he starts to feel bad about making every one worry, and starts to think about

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