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Tom Sawyer: An Unlikely Hero When people think of a perfect child they picture the exact opposite of Tom Sawyer. Throughout time, the southern stereotype has been that “southern folk” are laid-back and chill. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Tom is brave, mischievous and a liar. He does whatever he wants and is a naughty child. Tom makes other children look like saints. Although Tom Sawyer likes to be brave in the novel, he also likes to be untruthful and mischievous. Throughout the novel Tom displays bravery. Even though Tom is a troublemaker he is also very brave. This trait is shown when Tom wants to become a pirate. One day Tom decides that he wants to stop living a normal life. He decides the path he wants to follow is one of crime. This is very reckless but it also displays his bravery. Tom believed that there was no other way to live. This was shown when Mark Twain said, “he would lead a life of crime. There was no other choice” (81). Right then Tom decides he wants to be brave and become a pirate. Another example of Tom’s bravery is when he saved Becky from getting punished. Becky tore a piece of their teachers’ special anatomy book. The teacher found out and got mad. He was asking the class who had ripped the book. Becky was about to confess when Tom blurted out “I done it”(122). Tom got lashings for Becky. Becky was very impressed by this brave act. The last example of Tom’s bravery was when Tom got Becky out of the cave. Tom and Becky were trapped in a cave for a long time, and they wouldn’t have escaped if it hadn’t been for Tom. Tom powered through the hunger and thirst and found an escape route. Even though Tom displays many bad traits in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer he also is very brave. In the book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom shows that he is dishonest. Tom will do something wrong and then lie about it to get out of

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