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Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is written by Mark Twain. The book is about a twelve-year- old boy and his mischievous antics. Tom is cunning, creative, and imaginative. But he is always creating trouble. A new girl, Becky Thrasher, moves into town and captures Tom’s heart. His feelings for Becky cause a very immature Tom to begin to mature. Before Becky came, Tom used his cunning to trick boys into doing his work for him. He tells them they could never paint the fence as well as he could. While Tom sat and watched, they painted the entire fence to prove to him they could. As another example of his lack of maturity, he runs away with his friends to become pirates. He later returns to surprise the town which believed he was dead. Through Tom’s antics he shows that he is very self-centered and childish. However, once he meets Becky, he begins to be more considerate of others. To prove how he felt about her, Tom came to Becky’s rescue at school. Becky’s curiosity had gotten the best of her when she sneaked a peek at her teacher’s book. She accidently tore one of the pages. The teacher discovered the book and asked which of his students had caused the damage. Tom knew that Becky was guilty, but he did not want her to suffer the raft of the furious teacher. Also, he considered that she had never been in trouble. In order to save her, he took the blame as well as the lickings. This was an example of how young love changes Tom into a more considerate person. One day, while on a picnic, he and Becky wonder into a cave and become lost for several days. Earlier, Tom had witnessed a murder committed by Injun Joe who had escaped and was in hiding. Tom discovers that Injun Joe was in the cave no far from them. Fearing not only for his

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