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December 4, 2011 English Honors 11 American Author Critique-Book 1 Samuel Clemens, who is more commonly known as Mark Twain, is the author of many very renowned novels. Twain is known is known for his very unique style of writing which he has mastered in his years. One of the most well-known books not only in his library, but in the entire world is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Twain displays great style and elegance throughout this novel. In any novel, setting plays a very critical role to the story. This is no different in Tom Sawyer. It takes place in mid-19th century Missouri along the banks of the Mississippi River. The town that Tom, the main character of the story, lives in is called St. Petersburg. The main vocal point of this setting is its proximity to the Mississippi River. This ties in directly to the plot, and more specifically, one of Tom’s infamous plans. Besides the relevance to the plot, the setting was chosen by the author because of his personal background. Since a number of the instances in the novel are true to his life, Twain chose a setting very near to the one that he grew up in. It is for these reasons that the setting is a crucial part of the story. Twain is in some ways a very unconventional author. Plot falls into this category. Most novels have one central plot that the author drives at throughout the entire story. Tom Sawyer, on the other hand is by no means writing with this style. The novel has a few different stories, or “adventures” (hence the title) that occur throughout the book. With that being said, there are also many different conflicts that arise. The first notable conflict comes in chapter eight when Tom and Huckleberry Finn, Tom’s good friend who is also an outcast among most of the other children, sneak out during the night to perform a spell that they had just learned. The boys walk to the graveyard which is

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