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Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer always found Monday miserable because it began another week’s suffering in school. Tom Sawyer wished he was sick. He always tried to find an excuse to stay home from school. Suddenly he discovered that one of his teeth was loose. He will hold the teeth until he arrive at school, then he will call the doctor to cure him. But at that moment the doctor was busy with a patient that lost a finger. His groans seemed very real. TOM:”Sid, sid” said groaning. SID:” What is the matter Tom?” said anxiously. TOM:” Don’t Sid, don’t joggle me.” SID:” What’s the matter. I must call auntie.” TOM:” No, don’t do it. Don’t call anyone.” SID:” But I must! Don’t groan, it’s awful. How long did you do that?” TOM:” Hours, Ouch! O don’t stir so, Sid, you’ll kill me.” SID:” Why didn’t you wake me sooner? It makes my flesh to hear you. What is the matter?” TOM:” I forgive you Sid. Everything you did to me. When I’m gone-“ SID:” Are you dying Tom? Maybe-“ TOM:” I forgive everybody. Tell them Sid, you give my window-sash and my cat with one eye to that new girl, and tell her-“ But Sid has grabbed his clothes and then he go. Tom was still groaning. The groans were more each time. Then Sid talk to Aunt Polly and he ran to the room were Tom was still there. She grabbed the dental instruments. Aunt Polly tied with a loop on the teeth and the other side to the bed-post. As Tom arrives at school, the other boys look at him in an admirable way. The boy that cut his finger found himself now without an adherent. One of the boys said “Sour grapes” and he wandered away. Then appeared Huckleberry that was hated and dreaded of all the mothers because he was vulgar and bad – but all the kids wanted to be like him. Huckleberry was always dressed like a grown – man, but always he plays, always he got dirt in his clothes. Huckleberry slept on doorsteps when

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