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Introduction The Adventure of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is published in 1876, which directly captured public’s attention. Beneath the surface of the story about children’s life, there is something meaningful lies in this novel. It reveals the process of young boys growing into manhood, the process which all youths have to cope with sometime in their lives. The characters in the novel are naturally developed. Therefore, this novel might be a likeable one because Twain provides sufficient motivation behind the character’s action. One of the factors which may affect the success of a novel is through the development of the character. The character of the main character, Tom Sawyer, reflects Twain’s youth memories. He is introduced as a mischievous and a smart boy. His character is changing dynamically throughout the novel which makes him to have an interesting personality to be analyzed. In this novel, the character development is in unity with the plot; the plot shows the development of the main character. Tom’s maturation process can be revealed through some adventures he has gone which can be seen through four stories of plots: his stories with Becky, Muff Potter, his adventure in Jackson Island, and his story with Injun Joe. Theory According to Abrams (1981:20), character is the person presented in a dramatic or narrative work, who mare interpreted by reader as being endowed with moral dispositional and emotional qualities that are expressed in what they say (the dialogue) and by what they do (the action). There are two types of character, protagonist and antagonist. Protagonist is the major character who has motivation and goal; he is the one who involved in the conflict. Antagonist is also involved in the conflict, but he is the character obstacle who has opposite goal. In fiction, characters are generally divided into several types such as flat/static

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